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My jewellery is made in the lost wax casting technique. That means that I produce a wax model for each piece individually. The model is invested in a plaster mould, the wax is burned, cast in silver or gold and then finished.

Wax is my favoured material, because it gives you the freedom to shape it in many ways. For me it is an infinite well of possibilities, which I love to explore.

The origin of my inspiration is obvious: it is the amazing variety of natural forms and structures.
I also like very much the harmony and contemplativeness of Japanese designs and the purposely left element of imperfection as the trace of the hand-crafted.

With he pieces I call «thorny» and “with leaves“ I try to transform organic structures into ornaments. Many tiny parts are joined together to build a different “whole”. Like a living organism, some pieces have a «skeleton» and a «skin», others have «twigs» and «leaves».

I would like my pieces to evoke the impression of a naturally grown object, combined with the durability of the precious material.